Saturday, September 28, 2013

InfiniTea and beyond

I've tried a lot of milk tea's around Metro and it started with Happy Lemon actually. I like their Cocoa Rock Salt and Cheese when i think it is just overrated, it's actually tasted like just Milo. What makes me likes it, is because of the ROCKing SALT and CreamCheese on top of it, and it made me curious how it was made **I can claim here that I'm a Food Enthusiast, A food lover and all** OKAY. So this milk tea became a trend, after coffee shop's like starbucks, coffee bean, seattle's best etc. you name it! So milk tea shop had popped out everywhere too kahit don sa may palengke namen meron din, its just a counter type stall, no dine in, but you can sit while waiting for your order and I became friend with the owner, because I became their frequent customer. So there, part of loving milk tea, I am simply thrilled with their simple treats, like planner or any kind of freebies they have.

Here's my latest favorite. InfiniTea Milk tea, I saw that they have a lot of branches like in Cubao, West Ave, St. Francis square in ortigas, and in Banawe where I used to hang out because, I lurrve the cozy ambiance they have not to mention the fast and free WIFI I wasn't able to shoot some photo's but you can check it from their facebook page here: . I've tried most of what they have, like what I have in the picture: that was Taro and Vanilla Ice . Those that are not in the picture that I've tried was Strawberry Oreo Frappe,Dark Chocolate Raspberry Frappe, and Mango yogurt slush and its one of my favorite. I can only try their non milk-tea options because I'm pregnant. But I heard that their Golden Dragon Milk tea is one of their best sellers, and of course the most famous Wintermelon. Nothing special about the packaging, but aside from their variety of flavors available, the taste is still a bit different, that's why I like it so much.

What's hot in the store right now is what they called the Caramel Macchiato Collection, I know you heard the word Macchiato at starbucks first. But they have it in here too, in fact they got a Promo Card that you may get thrilled, because you can get this Throw Pillow that looks like their Logo after completing the 10 stamps. Sorry wasn't able to take the picture. I tried first their Salted Dark cocoa, the salted cream on top is just a salted cream lang talaga they don't have the rock salt and cheese because they have their own flavor and originality and they got a lot of flavors from the Menu from fruit juices, hot cups etc. 

Thing's I'm loving now... <3

By the way this is not a sponsored blog. I'm just a foodie. 

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