Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grocery List

I'm doing now our menu for the week. Before, when I was still single or we are not living together yet, I'm not planning much about food for the week, but its totally different now. I am now with someone I should care, like what I've mention from my previous post, future housewives and being housewife are like another career. 

To help myself to think what food to prepare for the entire week, It is better to list down everything. Especially before going to the supermarket. It is also better to schedule the grocery day during his and your rest day's and have him help you out. His suggestion also matters so you know what he needs and likes. So he would also know or at least have an idea, what you both are spending for. It is a great bonding as well as young adult. 

Going back..
Everyday, I need to prepare for our Breakfast, Baon or Lunch, it depends on our work schedule for the day. As much as possible, I cook healthy food. When I say healthy, it shouldn't be a canned/processed/instant food despite the short time I have to prepare in the morning. So fruits and bread are always on the list. To help myself to go further for my Menu for the week. I always go visit and  and check the recipe's they have, most of them are easy to prepare. 

Here are my picks: 

Arroz la Cubana
Creamy Beef Rice Topping

You can check all these recipe's from this site:

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