Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Muffin by Gardenia

We use to have Gardenia bread its either wheat or the Plain one. I like its taste even without a spread or anything.. CHAR ! Syempre mas masarap parin yung may palaman kahit butter lang then i-toast mo or make it french toast then spoil it with maple syrup and butter. I found out this Gardenia Muffins from saab's blog. During my break time at work I was able to sneak at the supermarket to get something for our breakfast for the next morning, that's what I usually do, that's a good practice din for being a good housewife :) Yes! Kina-Career din un talaga. Anyway, And I found these Gardenia Muffins she's talking about that its surprisingly yummy daw! I bought Chocolate and Chocolate banana Flavor and it only cost P19/pack. This is good as pambaon or if you are in a morning rush. Number 1 rule for me is, I should not let my boyfie leave for work without having breakfast. If he's running late, I at least give him cupcake,a fruit like apple/orange or a bar of chocolate and then  I'm all Good. 


My first impression was, it looks like the kabayan bread which is known to our suking bakery or kung naalala mo yung movie ni Gerald Anderson and Kim Chui - Paano na Kaya, there's a scene there na si-nurprise nia si Gerald ng kabayan bread kase favorite ni Gerald yun sa movie. Basta yun na yung naalala ko, antagal na kc nun, there's this line in the movie na hindi ko makalimutan kc ni-record ko pa sa phone q. Anyhow, going back to the Muffins! I tried first chocolate muffin. And it's chocolatier just how I like. It is soft not dry, not that sweet and it has a chocolate filling inside that you would appreciate if you are into chocolates or any kind of sweets. And it's fresh because it is packed with so much air inside the packaging.

I really want you to feel what I'm saying here, so i took some photo's while I'm eating it.

 See? :) 

My first post as a Foodie :) Muffin. 

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