Monday, September 16, 2013

Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream

It says that it's for FACE l BODY l HANDS wherever-- It's the regular size and it cost around P160 in a very small container. It moisturizes my face and it leaves a glowing effect, I just don't like it in its first few minutes after application because its oily but then after that in a cold environment (in my working place) that's where the perfect effect coming out, its glowing and shining which more liked it. So there! But maybe on summer days Imma ditch it with some other brands, I won't be using it during sunny days because it's too mild and creamy.. I'm using OLAY all day moisturizer for daylight. I'm using it during the night and before to go to sleep. 

So here what I have left in the container after a couple of weeks using it, I think I can still use this for the next 3 months... and that's what you call SAVINGS!

( This post was from my FB account posted last February 24, 2013  )

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