Friday, December 25, 2015

10 things I had gone "Cray-Cray" last 2015

5 more days before new year! Happy New Year guys!  Since we are about to say goodbye now with this 2015. I just want to remember and make an entry about it because It's just nice to remember some things that we'd love from the past .. 

1. Starbucks 

 Yes. I'm addicted with their coffee. I used to order Caramel Frappe. I'm not doing any diet, so sometimes when I feel rich and careless I'm having their coffee. Now they have the Toffee nut again, and I had 2 cups from the last 3 weeks. I'm not planning to get their planner, because I'ts just stupid to buy 16 cups of coffee to get a planner. But if someone would give me, that ain't a prob. But I'm actually looking for a planner right now. I want something white with glittery cover i think. 

2. Scented Candle / Room Spray / Lysol

As a home maker, I always want our home to be "homie" and relaxing. So aside from cleaning it up like doing the basic cleaning everyday ( naks ) , I like burning scented candle to smell nice. So I've been searching with Room Spray till I settled myself with the Lysol buy 1 take 1 that I got from the grocery because Room Spray is just expensive. So far I've tried Vanilla, Lavender. And I figured out that I don't want flower scents. Yes I don't! I'd rather like something fruity and yummy like the one from the bath & body works which named Roasted Marshmallow , I haven't smelled it yet, I just think it smells nice. It' just so expensive so I didn't mean to buy. 

3. Dry Shampoo. 

Oh my gosh! This thing was so hard to find. Reason why I was looking for it, because I was so curious and for my lifestyle and the type of hair I have. I would want to have one. So I found Dove Dry Shampoo at Landmark Trinoma. It cost Php 279.75? Yes? This thing was mentioned in Cosmo magazine but there are just a few brands that are locally available. I think the famous Dry Shampoo brand as far as I know is Batiste. 

4. DIY / Home Remedies

I'm a Mom and an acting wife with my behalf. Being a mom, you're the one who should always be at home. There were times that only me and my other half are the ones who is taking care of my daughter ( which is the most preferred setup ) because we can't find a nanny to take over. The only disadvantage about the role of being a Mom is,  you wouldn't have a time to go out , have massage, have maniped, facial, coffee and etc. When I became a Mom I accepted the fact that my life wouldn't be the same anymore, which no more late night gimicks and late coffee with friends, have shopping alone. So I can safely say here that accepted the role whole heartedly, I expected myself to spend more time and most of my time with my family. I even turned down my meetings with friends, parties and whatever's outside, because I was also working and spending 12 hrs. outside the house when I have work, so I just want to make sure that the remaining hours will be for my family. I breastfed my child, I'm doing the cooking and now we have a business that we are looking into, which we consider as a blessing for us. So finding time for myself was hard. Bye Me time see you later. \
Here's the DIY I made a few weeks back for Zurie's 2nd bday.

5. Make-UP/ Beauty Regimen

OMG! I think 7/10 woman in the philippines became a make up junkie. Lip junkie is actually where I started, and I had 7 different shades of lipstick back then. I became interested with make up when I was pregnant with zurie. That time I was bored at home, I no longer go to work since I took my maternity leave early for a "being pregnant" purpose. I was prescribed to stay home. I started going cray cray with lipsticks, until because I was curious with how the whole thing being applied to this part of my face , here and there. 

6. Vlogging

So far, I made my own channel in youtube and successfully uploaded 2 vlogs about an event. And another vlog about make up. I really want to try it out and make it as a cool hobby. Because you know , It's something that is fun to do, well you know I find it that way. It's fun to document some things about you , your life or something that you love to do. I want to be successful with vlogging and blogging by 2016. Fingers crossed.

7. Pangako Sa'yo Remake 

This is my favorite dessert of the Day. I am so hooked with the story and of course with KathNiel, there's one day I posted on facebook "Officially KathNiel Fan" because Daniel Padilla is so gwapo, galing na nia umarte. And I feel kilig with their love team and also Ian Veneracion and Jodi Sta.Maria. I told JV, maybe we can declare that Ian Veneracion is our Channing Tatum. Hahaha! 

8. Diapers

For my daughter. I usually hoard diapers recently since Mommy poko XL is always out of stock. I don't understand that they were advertising the product on tv, but they don't have it available often in the market. From M size to XL the XL one is always out of stock, so whenever I found some bundles on the shelf, I'm buying 2-3 bundle 16 pcs. each. 

9. Cooking

There's this time I was writing a menu for the week because I'm running out of Idea's with what dish to cook. Actually It is ideal that you write down and it's a normal old time practice I heard from the oldies. I am trying not to repeat a dish in a week. I am not sure If I'm successful. Usually I cook pansit, sinigang na baboy (Jv's fave) and Fried Chicken. Hehe!

10.Online Shopping

I enjoyed Shopee. Even when I just hang with the App. And look for some sale items there. I find it cheap because if you have items that you want to order from different stores online. If that online seller is a seller from shopee, you can order it all at once and pay for shipping once. In the end it's all up to you if you have save or what, you figure out.  

So there! Thank you for reading Guys! 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Maybelline Color Show Collection Lipstick Swatches

Hey! Wanna check out my first ever video on  youtube??!!
These were lipsticks I got from the Color Show Collection Maybelline. My fault here was, I didn't know what happened to the audio after waiting of long hours of uploading. Instead of deleting it sayang naman so hinayaan ko na.

For your guide since the Audio was gone:


Second Swatch: LIVELY VIOLET

Third Swatch: SWEET ORCHID


Thank you! :)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

LOL eyeshadow palette "How Now" Swatches

LOL cosmetics 
Eyeshadow palette - 02 How Now
6 different shades.
For me its not powdery
Cost : 139  SM Dept.Store

You may click each photo to have a closer look in each shade on my finger. 

For a beginner like me. This is okay to buy and very cool with my pocket. I prefer matte eyeshadows, but I need to make a good investment for that.
I hope this entry helped you guys to decide. By the way I'm using my digicam for this photo's no filter or any adjustments. And in this area, I have our fluorescent light lit in our ceiling 11 to 12 feet above (?). 

Thank's for reading and I hope to post more of these! Yay! 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

50% OFF Haul November 2015!

Tell me how would you blog when you have this....

Burrrrppp! Okay let's blog now...

So I did a little shopping a few weeks ago, took advantage  of the sale going on the SM dept. store. And lucky to find my products that I'm using on 50% SALE! Good thing, I got money saved to use...

Roll On Garnier for my eyes: Normal Price is 240 but it's only 120. 
This one has good feedback from users. I don't have dark under eye, but I'm using it as moisturizer for my eyes because this is one of the cheapest eye moisturizer I found so far. For results, I'm still waiting for it. I'll make a separate entry blog post for that. 

For night moisturizing cream I am using this Night restore from Garnier. This is my version of Kiehls midnight recovery serum, haha! This is Php 99 each tube but I got 2 tubes for 99 pesos!


I really plan to buy a foundation since my bb cream gone out  and I think it was my first bb cream ever? So I plan to buy the nichido bb cream. But! Maybelline is on Sale 50% off so I was told by my friend to get the mousse foundation simply because it is so worth it. This Dream Matte Mousse if for oily face. Bought this for only 250 from 499 at Watsons. Apir!

This one cost 349 pesos in any dept. store. According to the sales lady, it is quite expensive because you can use this for over 1 year. I have one to two products for my brow and this is the first time to buy a powder base make up for my brow. And I got this for only 297 pesos. Pwede na rin. 

By the way guys, Maybelline still on sale, visit their instagram for details of products that is on sale. I think the price is up until their product last. Wish there will be more Sale this following month. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Make-Up Today

 Hello! Finally decided to put up something here. And yeah! for the details of my make up it will be listed here. 

Brows: design my brow  @thefaceshop
Eye Make up: Sunset Cafe pallete by Ever Bilena
Contour : City Color Contour pallette from MakeupHolics
Face: Ponds BB Cream & Ponds Age Miracle Moisturizer
Toner: Kojie San
Garnier Roll on for my Eye moisturizer 
Mysterious Mocha color show collection Maybelline (Matte) 
Essence Volume Mascara 
Nichido Curler

Hair: I did not comb my hair last night after bath  

This is for Day make up though, can't wear this kind of make up for Night make up #justsayin

If I missed something please let me know. 

By the way,  I wont be going somewhere , Actually , I might be home and just be mommy for the whole day. So what I mean is, You can put make up on whenever you feel like it. And again, whenever you feel like it. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Shawill Liquid Pen Liner for Beginners or Pro!

Hi Guys! A quick review about the Shawill Eyeliner pen I just bought a while ago. I think this is  my first ever make up review from the history of my blog.Yes!

Here we go! This will be very straight forward and quick! Watch out for the high light!

Scenario is,  I had the chance to swatch it and roam around the dept. store at landmark. I also mentioned to the sales lady that I have problems with my oily eyelid and I'm still a beginner with make up. And she said, it was perfect coz this pen dries out quickly, and waterproof. So while we are busy buying some other stuff., with my hand where I swatch the product, I observed that what she said was right. I like how honest the saleslady with me .

Brand: Shawiill Make up WATERPROOF VOLUMIZING Eyeliner Pen 
Claimed: (from the brand itself) 24 hr Ultra black.High Precision Soft Liquid Waterproof liner
Cost: Php 99.00 - Bought.

Since I just started reviewing make up, let me put my comments about the product this way, instead of listing down the pro and cons coz obviously, I have a very random thought. Let me call this uhmm.

Fine-fine , So so, Okay, But! 

** Not sure if it's just brand new or you really need to wave it all the time for you to get more product during application. 
** Just the norm pen liner you had maybe
** Really dries out quickly compare to San San
** Cheap locally available made in china
** No doubt of buying again. 


It does not smudge at all and it's there till we got home, till now I am blogging. Time check 2:28 am and I swatch it around 7-7:30 pm. ( the one that has marked yellow only)

If you have more questions feel free to ask and hope you can follow and like this blog.

xoxo bella! ♥

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why did I fail to make my own ButterBeer?

Not a Harry Potter fan here but a BUTTER fan ( yes a Butter Fan!) like Toast+PB+Butter, Pancake+Butter, Buttered Fried Rice and so butter and so on and so etc. So the first time I've read about Butterbeer on the Internet I ask JV to bring one as pasalubong and It's from starbucks.
Felt disapointed, because It didn't tastes like I expected, because it tastes more like "Caramel Frappe. And you know what? That was way way back when I was pregnant.

So going back "ButterBeer-ing" I thought of making ButterBeer for a thought that , maybe its easy to make,  So I  googled, youtubed all about it. When I got all the ingredients and listed it all down the procedures. I found one blog that's really helpful, because , its from here in the Philippines. And she found Cream Soda at Shopwise. Cream Soda is one of the main Ingredients and Here's all the ingredients anyway..

Cream Soda
Butter Scotch
All Purpose Cream
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar yes ORGANIC!!

Although some other blog didn't use organic , but  the thing is! they got the right Apple Cider Vinegar.
And here's what I bought ( picture below, butter not in the picture) , and it looks all the same aside from that Apple Cider Vinegar PEPPER PERFECT, yes that PEPPER PERFECT ruined the whole imagination.. I'm already hesitant of buying it when I noticed that when I was still at the grocery store though, but being makulit me, it tickled me to GO buy it! Because there's no more other Apple Cider's Apple Cider and Apple Cider Vinegar over there!

So, yeah that's sad. I was sad, I didn't make it. Maybe I'll go starbucks this weekend to satisfy the crave somehow.

By the way, if you're curious with that Cream Soda. Since I had the chance to try it. It's like a light rootbeer, and it's really hard to find it here in Manila. I found this one at Shopwise and they only got a few bottles displayed on the shelf, according to the grocery store person, they're not storing much because, it was not a common buy.

XoXo ♥