Sunday, July 12, 2015

Shawill Liquid Pen Liner for Beginners or Pro!

Hi Guys! A quick review about the Shawill Eyeliner pen I just bought a while ago. I think this is  my first ever make up review from the history of my blog.Yes!

Here we go! This will be very straight forward and quick! Watch out for the high light!

Scenario is,  I had the chance to swatch it and roam around the dept. store at landmark. I also mentioned to the sales lady that I have problems with my oily eyelid and I'm still a beginner with make up. And she said, it was perfect coz this pen dries out quickly, and waterproof. So while we are busy buying some other stuff., with my hand where I swatch the product, I observed that what she said was right. I like how honest the saleslady with me .

Brand: Shawiill Make up WATERPROOF VOLUMIZING Eyeliner Pen 
Claimed: (from the brand itself) 24 hr Ultra black.High Precision Soft Liquid Waterproof liner
Cost: Php 99.00 - Bought.

Since I just started reviewing make up, let me put my comments about the product this way, instead of listing down the pro and cons coz obviously, I have a very random thought. Let me call this uhmm.

Fine-fine , So so, Okay, But! 

** Not sure if it's just brand new or you really need to wave it all the time for you to get more product during application. 
** Just the norm pen liner you had maybe
** Really dries out quickly compare to San San
** Cheap locally available made in china
** No doubt of buying again. 


It does not smudge at all and it's there till we got home, till now I am blogging. Time check 2:28 am and I swatch it around 7-7:30 pm. ( the one that has marked yellow only)

If you have more questions feel free to ask and hope you can follow and like this blog.

xoxo bella! ♥