Saturday, November 22, 2014


Finally I was able to blog now. I won't be able to tell you why I've been out for quite a long time, because when I'm at home and in front of my PC. I always feel that I have a limited time to spare some time with my blog.

Moving on, just recently I had my hair cut. I've been wanting a short hair because it consumes so much time to wash off all the oil and dirt. And I don't have time to blow dry my hair before going to work. To take care of it. I'm using Dove Hair Shampoo and Dove Conditioner, I liked it because of it smells really nice, and the good smell will stay on my hair during my shift.

2nd to my list that I want to talk about is my Toner. I am now interested with Toners, honestly before, I don't see nor appreciate the use of it. But I am now more sensitive with every product I used. I'm aging and notice my face that it looks tired, because of not getting enough sleep. I am a working Mom by the way and a first time Mom too, so maybe you have now a hint of what's going on.. Hahaha!

Before I was using Ponds Toner the blue one. I thought that its normal that toners will sting every time I apply It. Until I've read so much good feedback with the Moringgana-C toner, I think this one is organic. I never thought that they have beauty products relatively with skin products, because I am taking their lactating capsules which really works for me , for my continuous supply of milk, so now there's another hint, I am a lactating mom, I'll be talking about the lactating "thing" later maybe. Again, with moringgana C Toner, it doesn't sting, and It works well with any kind of moisturizer, coz I use POnds age miracle moisturizer at night and Garnier while sleeping.

Right now, I am about to explore Serums and I found it really expensive. I first liked the Kiehls products but damn! its so expensive, maybe it does really works and I've read lots of good reviews about it. Planning to invest for one soon to be added on my skin regimen.