Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Day Cream

My face is more exposed during the night. But I am using this one. Possible exposure to the sun would be around 9:00 am. I recommended this to my friends, and they liked how it works to them as well. It only cost 99 pesos wherever you want to buy it. It's a lot cheaper compare to the other one that is on the glass that is worth 700php (not sure though) .  I was using Olay day cream before, and I realize that I was aging and I've read something that I should take care of my skin for the benefit of having a younger looking skin (who doesn't want that?!) 

I took a picture of how it looks inside the jar. I have an oily skin by the way. 

Yey! Finally I made one, I've been planning to get back to my blog. And actually there's a lot of things I'd like to talk about, is just that I've been busy with my daughter, she's being adorable every day. In the near time maybe, my page would be probably about Me and my my chubby tabachuching daughter. Thanks for Reading and there's more to come!

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