Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Shower with Olay

                                                                                Blog post from FB February 24, 2013 

It's my favorite bath soap. It smells really good, relaxing and I feel gorgeous after a bath because of its glittery effect that stays on the skin for like 2 hours or more than that. I didn't able to notice it the first time and I just  thought I lie somewhere that has glitters and until I realized that it's from the Soap! I was able to use a couple of containers of this for like a year or so, and this is my last pair of containers I scored somewhere random convenience store, because the "Olay lady" I consulted at the Department store says, that Olay phase out the product, I don't know why and they don't know it too, maybe one of you are familiar with this, because they're selling this as Buy 1 Take 1 so its way cheaper from the other. There's this blog I visited a long time ago and I found it in the picture and I asked her where she got it, She said that it's a gift from a friend and she received a box of em' O_O and I was so jealous, I hope Olay will put this back in the market and also the Facial Wash Total Effects its worth expensive but its worth to buy.. 

So there's the story... Happy shower!

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