Monday, September 16, 2013

My September

I'm a blogspot newbie, I realized that there's nothing to shy about the things I wan to share, So This is my first ever entry
As I mentioned in Facebook account last week , I need to change some of the products I am using so my  baby in my tummy will be safe. There are some ingredients from other products that would harm my baby so I kept them and might use them after the pregnancy stage. So for now. These are the products I chose. 
Last week, we went to Landmark Trinoma where I used to buy my toiletries and groceries, and most of the brands I'm using for hygiene concerns is cheaper and its always on the shelf, plus the sales ladies roaming around is always willing to help, for your skin concerns and etc.

In the picture: Nivea Soft Moisturizer, Ponds Detox Lotion, NEW Johnsons baby cooling lotion, FreeMan barefoot shea butter Heel & Callus Balm peppermint & plum, Green Cross Alcohol

Nivea Soft : I'm using this every night before sleeping. Although, this is not suitable for my skin type. I just learned that, for Oily skin, it is better to use water based formula. This one is not water based I just like the moisture and soft cheeks I have every morning and I suggest everyone to use this during winter or cold weather to avoid dry skin.

Ponds Detox Lotion: Ponds are now having variety products that may suit on your skin type. I picked this one because its water based. I've been using this for a week and I like how it works on my face. I am applying this as a day moisturizer, and I am now seeing the result where it gives me a brighter face, unlike before. 

Johnson's Baby cooling gel lotion: I was using Johnson's baby Lotion but I replaced it with this, its mild and it doesn't have the sticky feeling after application. We have this crazy weather here, thunderstorms and sometimes it is really hot where it will burn your skin. As far as I know I'm not allowed to use sunblock because I am pregnant, but I think this lotion is fine, It really has its COOLING EFFECT and at the same time it moisturizes my skin and most of all I smell like a baby :)

In the Picture: Johnson's baby bath milk, NEW TRESemm'e Shampoo (black) Conditioner (white) 

Johnson's baby milk bath: Like I said I want to smell like a baby, I've been using this ever since, it is my primary body soap. I was using Olay before, and I have a short blog about it. I will soon post it in here as well.  

TRESemmee' Shampoo and Conditioner: Those were the trial pack it cost P89 , I heard this from my officemate that it is nice to use. And I agree, you would feel the difference right after use and my boyfie also agreed that it works well since we are both using it, It removes the clay in his hair.  So after finishing this little containers, I already bought the bigger size which cost around P240 for 440 ml and hoping the frizzy-ness of my hair will be cured. I have this wavy hair by the way. It says that it has Vitamin H and Silk Proteins, if you're familiar with that. Next time I'll go try the one that it has Keratin. I tried to use Sunsilk for hair therapy and it has keratin that calms down my hair. So I think that will work on my hair too.

Ponds no blackheads:  I've been using this for a week, I like how it works with the Ponds Detox moisturizer I'm using. I'm washing my face every night before sleep and during bath in the morning. It gives my face a glowing effect and so far its preventing the blackheads. It has beads/scrub and brownish color because it says from the tube that it has "volcanic clay". 


Lucky Blue Ice Gel:  This was given by my mom and this is best for Pain Muscles, and it smells like vicks. Before or months ago, after having an intense workout like boxing or "core exercises" as how my trainer call it. I always have this body pain (of course) . This really works as a temporary pain reliever. 

Free Man Bare Foot:  I love foot massage, and Peppermint is my favorite scent, everytime I visit a Nail Spa this is always been my pick from their options. During the pregnancy my feet get easily tired in a short hour of standing like cooking, short window shopping. Do not expect much from this, it is just a lotion that would soften the heels temporarily, I'm using this every night for bed.  And this is cheaper compared to the other brands it costs P179.98? something like that.

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