Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I made a surprise for myself and Surprisingly I'm surprise!

When it comes to makeup, there's nothing I know to put on but Lipstick. I love matte lipstick's, Nyx and Revlon are my favorites. But now, I'm learning a lot by reading and watching make up blogs online. I had a few make up before like powder and anything that has a cute packaging :D, because that's how I understand make up. 

After doing a few reviews with some blog out there, here's my recent haul from The Primp Pad. Elf make ups from their site is half way cheaper compare to what I've found from the mall. The transaction is easier and they have earned a lot of clients already. They got easy terms and conditions too unlike  --_--   Anyhow.. My order came this morning after placing my order last week. I was expecting longer than that because of the prebuy items I bought. But yesterday, after they posted the good news on their facebook page **and I was like O_O** I received my package this morning before going to work, that's why I had a HAPPY WEDNESDAY MORNING. Oh dba? lakas makaGoodvibes?!! 

This one is ELF Maximum Coverage Concealer Oil Free - Sand

Wet n Wild Bare It all - It's semi matte, not super dry. My upper lips is darker than my lower lip but maybe because of the matte effect it covers the lip all through out. 

Elf Studio: Contouring blush & Bronzing Powder - Pampapayat ng face ko :) 

Elf Stipple Brush - my first ever stippling brush. I can't review this yet, since this is my first stipple brush but being a rookie its worth it because this only cost p168pesos, and mild xa sa face. I'm looking forward to get more brushes, because when you start putting make up on, that's the time you would realize what type of brushes you need.  

Before I forget this one is from the Face Shop, Design my Eyebrow Lovely me.ex - I don't fix my eyebrow like waxing or threading because feeling ko wala ng matitira kasi manipis lang xa, and this one works really well so far but it won't look like fake or maybe it depends on how you color it. I don't like heavy make up kasi. 

I look forward to buy more brushes and lipsticks and I wanna try the smokey eye make up but wala pa akong palette. But I'll buy soon. 

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