Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's In my Bag October

This will be my second post about my bag.

I just got so bored today its holiday and its my rest day. I wasn't able to go out because of the pain in the butt I am experiencing now and I really want to go to Landmark to find something. But I chose to stay home for me to be safe.

I shared what's in my bag before and what's fail about it is, the bag itself was not in the picture. HAHA. It came to my mind today to share "what's in my bag" when I found my stuff scattered in my room because the bag was in the laundry.  
About the bag I'm using, it's my boyfriends bag , it was given to him and he wants me to use it. And now here's the picture. I promise to be better when it comes to taking pictures with this kind of post, still studying how the light works. I am using canon s95 and hey! its my favorite digital camera ever. If you would do a little research about it, I think you would love how it works too, especially if you are into photography or a picture enthusiast. 

Of course, here's what inside the kikay kit, this blog would more have sense if I share what's inside it :) 

to keep my mouth fresh and my after meal mint. and i found that mentos 3d chewing gum funny :D 

My lippies : Matte factor Lip paint. Moulin Rouge Lip and Cheek Tint, and Carmex as always to keep my lips smooth.

faber castel pen , my pearl earrings na waley ng pakaw and mickey mouse sa keychain ko na wala sa bag ko.

Tissue. Colgate Plax. Johnson's Baby Oil, Green Cross Alcohol. I'm using baby oil for my tummy, when I have this scratchy feeling inside I put baby oil to at least avoid the stretch mark I think Ill be having after giving birth. And since I'm frequently visiting my doctor to the hospital, Alcohol should always be in my bag and everywhere I go, I'm using alcohol to sanitize my station and my hands before and after eating. It is not being maselan but if you're pregnant natural lang na maging maselan sa kahit na anong bagay na hahawakan mo because when you're outside or even inside the house there's germs that might harm you. 

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