Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pregnant Diaries

Like I said I am a future Mom. But I haven't really shared something about my pregnancy. I am now on my last trimester or 3rd trimester. I just want to share my thoughts , some experience, life of being pregnant in 9 months. I am about to give birth soon as in really sooon. I am a excited how would my baby look like. Last , last week, we had shopping for some baby stuff, something that makes me feel more excited. 

So during my First 3 months, I can tell you that I have this all bad mood, stressed feeling, mood swings that's why I am so thankful that I'm blessed with a partner who's never been tired of understanding me. AMEN. Also I am so lazy to take care of myself I mean prettify myself, I JUST REALLY DON'T KNOW WHY. I'm sad and I feel like "The hell people care how I look like? I'm pregnant! So ganooon. I really don't want to elaborate it further. 

OKAY. So when it comes to my cravings. So I'll be talking about FOOD right now **kilig**  I enjoyed eating Santol, I can eat a kilo of Santol for a day. Yes, I am that matakaw. As in un ang baon ko and then I suddenly craved with sansrival, yakult, frozen yogurt. And I was able to fulfill myself with all the cravings I had because of my very supportive boyfriend. I can't write down all the food I craved about because there's a lot them and besides I am also a foodie, where I do research for food. Cook food , watch Nigella lawson, Jamie Oliver and that fat guy from Man VS. Food And Oh! I found out that , that guy lose weight after resigning to his job. Grabe naman kase, lahat na lang ng masarap kinaen na nya all over the states. 

PAIN. Let's talk about some pains I've an experience where I felt weak and very emotional. By the way thanks to Obimin because after taking those meds and Anmum as milk feeling ko gumaling na yung masasakit na part sa bandang hip. I had a hard time changing my position during sleeping because of that severe pain I felt from my hips and lower hip parang sa "butt" ata yun, I even had a hard time getting up just by myself, I was crying because it's really damn painful. I did some research about it and it says that its just normal. So I'm calm and for me as long as it's normal I'm fine. Right now on my 3rd trimester here's what I think I'm having, 
Sciatica , means This is pain in one or both buttocks that may radiate down one leg. There may also be tingling or numbness in the legs, although this occurs only in a small percentage of women. Sciatica is most likely to occur after the second trimester. And Leg Cramps in the morning Cramps in the legs, particularly in the calf muscles, are a common problem during pregnancy. These occur most commonly at night, but may sometimes come on when walking, and their frequency can increase as your pregnancy advances. I found those answers from this link : "Just click me" So there, I advised to those, that please continue drinking milk and taking your meds for bones and the meds that was prescribed by your doctor for your own fitness and health while you are pregnant. And be more careful with what you eat because, you are not the who's going to suffer later on, but your baby. Eat healthy fruits and veggies **NAKS!** as much as possible **nag advise ang pasaway** Char! And collect all the good thoughts and avoid making puyat. Katulad nian matutulog na ako dapat. 

Anyways. Let me share some photos of my babytumtum. 

Yay! Goodnight! 

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