Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Easy Baked Lasagna - My first time to make!

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First time Lasagna
 Personal Note: Lasagna is another type of Italian Pasta that uses 2 types of Sauce which are Tomato Sauce and Bechamel Sauce. You need an Oven for this type of Pasta as it needs to be baked after cooking your sauces. And you need a stainless whisker. 

This recipe is very simple and it only needs 1 type of cheese but it would taste beyond average if you'll add some herbs . I used mccormick herbs .

 Rectangular pan ( make sure it fits well to the size of your oven )  

Tomato Sauce +  Bechamel Sauce 

1/2 (or more than Kilo) Ground Beef 
1 big can sliced Mushroom
1 1/2 Kilo Italian Pasta Sauce ( Clara Ole ) 
Eden Cheese Quick Melt - Big Size
Lasagna Pasta

Bechamel Sauce
4 TBSP  Flour
2-3 TBSP Butter 
1 Liter  (4cups) Fresh Milk 


 Saute your Ground Beef with your Onions and Garlic
 Add Italian Pasta Sauce  and let it simmer
 Add mushroom 
 Salt and Pepper to taste and Set Aside 

Melt butter in medium heat 
Add flour once melted and whisk until combined
Add milk 

Cook your Lasagna Pasta base on the instructions indicated from the Packaging

When both of your sauces are cooked 
Prepare your rectangular pan ( make sure it fits well to the size of your oven ) 

Spread your bechamel sauce as you do the first layer of your Lasagna
And Next is your Tomato Sauce and Cheese and cover it with Pasta and repeat the process

Put it into the Oven 150 degree Celcius in 45minutes

Setting the temperature and the time of baking will be depending on your Oven. 
I am using Convection Oven 21 liters. I lessen the amount of time of cooking and temperature to 
make sure the cheese on the top layer will not be over cooked or burned. 

 I suggest you to cook your pasta well done to make sure that it will not fail to the baking process but make sure it is not over cook. And a buy a butter quality as it might tear while or after boiling it from the water.  

Another TIP: 
  Lasagna has its best taste for the following day after cooking because the pasta absorbs all the flavor from the sauce. 

for 1 kilo of sauce worth less than Php 500 total amount of ingredients for these 2 pans

Serve and Enjoy!

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