Monday, April 18, 2016

Dupe Alert! True Brown K by Kylie Jenner

Pinkies Eye & Lip Liner - Burgundy 



Lippie of the day. I'm quite hesitant to wear this shade but , Yeah! Why not. It's brown and chocolatey. Kylie Jenner is known to wear this shade , she has her own brand called  "Kylie Cosmetics" I think this shade is enough to get close with her Tru-Brown-K matte lippie which cost $29.

Pinkies is a new brand of make up and says Made in France, I used to ignore and passed by to this stall coz the babypink packaging turns me off. I find it insincere make up and just for teens who plays make up. But I went all gaga after finding out a blog about this liners. And since this is a new line of make up this shade only cost 89 pesos. They do have other shades available that you may wanna check which also cost 89. 

I didn't use filters or any kind of enhancements to my photo's for you to appreciate. 

What do you think? Isn't it an Official Dupe for the True Brown k Lippie?

Verdict: This shade won't fit to my character nor to the shape of my lips, I had a hard time making a pose, I find it weird to wear. Hahaha! But I'm really glad to have this shade. I like how I made it matte from the silky form though. For only 89 pesos and very much affordable.

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