Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cheese Balls 2016

I bet you have left over cheese right now in your fridge.  I made bread roll today and I know most of you knows how to make this one. If you don't, just go youtube and type "How to make Bread Roll" coz there's a lot of varieties already. 

This one is unintended. One of my favorite is Cheese. So I made cheese balls. I used Quick Melt cheese, bread crumbs, and beated egg.

 Mold cheese into ball.
 Wash it with your beated egg.
 Roll it to your bread crumbs

 And then wash it AGAIN with Beated egg.
 Then Roll it AGAIN to  to your bread crumbs.

You have to coat it twice because you are using a Quick Melt cheese.

Cook,  Deep Fry!

Crunchy outside melted cheese inside.

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