Sunday, November 29, 2015

LOL eyeshadow palette "How Now" Swatches

LOL cosmetics 
Eyeshadow palette - 02 How Now
6 different shades.
For me its not powdery
Cost : 139  SM Dept.Store

You may click each photo to have a closer look in each shade on my finger. 

For a beginner like me. This is okay to buy and very cool with my pocket. I prefer matte eyeshadows, but I need to make a good investment for that.
I hope this entry helped you guys to decide. By the way I'm using my digicam for this photo's no filter or any adjustments. And in this area, I have our fluorescent light lit in our ceiling 11 to 12 feet above (?). 

Thank's for reading and I hope to post more of these! Yay! 

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