Sunday, November 22, 2015

50% OFF Haul November 2015!

Tell me how would you blog when you have this....

Burrrrppp! Okay let's blog now...

So I did a little shopping a few weeks ago, took advantage  of the sale going on the SM dept. store. And lucky to find my products that I'm using on 50% SALE! Good thing, I got money saved to use...

Roll On Garnier for my eyes: Normal Price is 240 but it's only 120. 
This one has good feedback from users. I don't have dark under eye, but I'm using it as moisturizer for my eyes because this is one of the cheapest eye moisturizer I found so far. For results, I'm still waiting for it. I'll make a separate entry blog post for that. 

For night moisturizing cream I am using this Night restore from Garnier. This is my version of Kiehls midnight recovery serum, haha! This is Php 99 each tube but I got 2 tubes for 99 pesos!


I really plan to buy a foundation since my bb cream gone out  and I think it was my first bb cream ever? So I plan to buy the nichido bb cream. But! Maybelline is on Sale 50% off so I was told by my friend to get the mousse foundation simply because it is so worth it. This Dream Matte Mousse if for oily face. Bought this for only 250 from 499 at Watsons. Apir!

This one cost 349 pesos in any dept. store. According to the sales lady, it is quite expensive because you can use this for over 1 year. I have one to two products for my brow and this is the first time to buy a powder base make up for my brow. And I got this for only 297 pesos. Pwede na rin. 

By the way guys, Maybelline still on sale, visit their instagram for details of products that is on sale. I think the price is up until their product last. Wish there will be more Sale this following month. 

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