Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why did I fail to make my own ButterBeer?

Not a Harry Potter fan here but a BUTTER fan ( yes a Butter Fan!) like Toast+PB+Butter, Pancake+Butter, Buttered Fried Rice and so butter and so on and so etc. So the first time I've read about Butterbeer on the Internet I ask JV to bring one as pasalubong and It's from starbucks.
Felt disapointed, because It didn't tastes like I expected, because it tastes more like "Caramel Frappe. And you know what? That was way way back when I was pregnant.

So going back "ButterBeer-ing" I thought of making ButterBeer for a thought that , maybe its easy to make,  So I  googled, youtubed all about it. When I got all the ingredients and listed it all down the procedures. I found one blog that's really helpful, because , its from here in the Philippines. And she found Cream Soda at Shopwise. Cream Soda is one of the main Ingredients and Here's all the ingredients anyway..

Cream Soda
Butter Scotch
All Purpose Cream
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar yes ORGANIC!!

Although some other blog didn't use organic , but  the thing is! they got the right Apple Cider Vinegar.
And here's what I bought ( picture below, butter not in the picture) , and it looks all the same aside from that Apple Cider Vinegar PEPPER PERFECT, yes that PEPPER PERFECT ruined the whole imagination.. I'm already hesitant of buying it when I noticed that when I was still at the grocery store though, but being makulit me, it tickled me to GO buy it! Because there's no more other Apple Cider's Apple Cider and Apple Cider Vinegar over there!

So, yeah that's sad. I was sad, I didn't make it. Maybe I'll go starbucks this weekend to satisfy the crave somehow.

By the way, if you're curious with that Cream Soda. Since I had the chance to try it. It's like a light rootbeer, and it's really hard to find it here in Manila. I found this one at Shopwise and they only got a few bottles displayed on the shelf, according to the grocery store person, they're not storing much because, it was not a common buy.

XoXo ♥

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